Can the Church Actually Restore Civility to Our Culture?

Can the Church Actually Restore Civility to Our Culture? by THOMAS MCDANIELS for Charisma News

The last decade ushered in a shift in how we relate to those of opposing views. Civility in the areas of politics, religion, and government is stretched thin.

This is certainly not the America we once knew. The cultural landscape in how we share opposing views is different than in former years.

Our nation is in disarray, and the political parties are polarized. We are hard-pressed to find a healthy, robust conversation with opposing views.

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A lack of tolerance has created a barrage of negative feelings and adverse outcomes on both a local and national level.

The “Us” and “Them” mentality divides us and prevents us from finding common ground. Instead, we segregate and oppose those who view life differently.

Social media is connecting people around common passions, both positive and negative. The new name is “tribes.” Birds of a feather still flock together. That has not changed.

It is human nature to look for acceptance in belonging to a group or joining ourselves with an ideology that enforces our positions and solidifies our beliefs.

Genuine tolerance is healthy. But no tolerance for opposing views is unhealthy and inhibits our personal growth.

Seth Godin said, “But if everyone is demonizing the other, then everyone is the enemy to someone. We end up spending our time fighting each other instead of fighting for the things that really matter. We end up focusing on the current thing while something more important shrinks away in the background.”

This reality is not only affecting individuals but entire movements and people groups. Religious groups have joined the negativity.

Christians are swayed by the constant bashing and social hatred, too. It is shocking how some Christians have bought into the vitriol.

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