Patronizing New Ad Aimed At Christians Highlights Never Trump’s Lingering Flaws

Patronizing New Ad Aimed At Christians Highlights Never Trump’s Lingering Flaws By  for The Federalist

There’s a strain of contempt or arrogance or both in the Never Trump movement that prevents it from making some arguments that are legitimately worth hearing.

It’s beyond parody, really, the so-called Lincoln Project’s first big thrust at persuading center-right voters to abandon President Trump in 2020. It’s also sad, and I say that sincerely. If ever there were an opportunity for Beltway insiders to reacquaint themselves with Republican voters, it’s now, when the erstwhile host of “Celebrity Apprentice” remains their preferred leader. But perhaps the saddest part of this entire sad saga is that they might be actually trying.

Of course, they’re also failing for all the same reasons they missed Trump’s rise in the first place. When I say “they,” I’m referring to the Never Trump braintrust behind this project, which includes people like George Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, and Rick Wilson, among others.

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“The MAGA Church,” the group’s first digital video, is a nearly three-minute spot that misses the point more spectacularly than should be possible after almost five years of the Trump phenomenon. Bearing in mind the project says its “efforts are aimed at persuading enough disaffected conservatives, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in swing states and districts to help ensure a victory in the Electoral College,” consider the video.

Juxtaposing obsequious soundbites from MAGA world’s evangelical stewards with soundbites of Trump calling people “p-ussies” will persuade precisely no one. That’s because the chunk of Trump’s supporters who genuinely believe him to be of outstanding Christian character à la Robert Jeffress is not especially large—and you won’t find many swing voters in it.

Conservative Christian Trump supporters generally don’t need to be convinced of his flawed character. It’s simply not their priority when the Democratic alternatives are as radical as they believe them to be, and the president’s policies align more with their own than establishment Republicans’.

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