Advent: Hope for the Hurting (Podcasts)

Advent: Hope for the Hurting Podcasts by Pastor David Platt for Radical

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When tragedy and sorrow strike, we often feel that God is far from us. We feel as if we’ve been abandoned. However, the book of Ruth reminds us that God offers hope to the hopeless. In this message from Ruth 1, David Platt shows us that God takes our tragedies and turns them into unexpected triumph. At the close of one of Scripture’s bleakest chapters, we get a glimpse of God’s mercy and faithfulness.

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When we walk through trials and suffering, it’s often difficult to believe that God is working for our good. However, in this message from David Platt from Ruth 2, we’re reminded of God’s steadfast love, a love that seeks the hurting and shelters the vulnerable. As we wait for Him, we can trust Him based on His character and His past faithfulness.

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