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The Sufficiency of Scripture Podcast by Pastor Dr John MacArthur for Grace to You

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As you know, we are studying 1 Timothy, but I have been hesitant in these next couple of Sundays to get back to 1 Timothy until all of our folks are back. We have many who are away over this particular holiday season. And so, I have postponed getting into chapter 2, which is a vital chapter, for at least a couple of weeks. Not only because of scheduling but also because of a second reason. And that is there has been something on my mind for the last month or so. And it’s sort of burning in my heart and I need to spend a couple of Lord’s Days just sharing my burden with you.

And so, this morning and next Lord’s Day morning, I want to speak to you on the subject, the sufficiency of Scripture, the sufficiency of Scripture. I really believe this is a vital, vital subject. In fact, I – I trust that even after the messages have been given and you’ve heard them, you’ll pick up the tapes because I think these are things that you will want to refer to again and again and give to other people. I’m not going to tell you my perspective on things. I’m not going to try to deal with the sufficiency of Scripture from a philosophical viewpoint or an experiential one. But what I want to do is have us look together at the Word of God and see what it says about its own sufficiency. And as a church and as people whose lives are built upon the foundation of the Word of God, this is a very, very important study.

Now something in particular has triggered my interest in this study and I’d like to speak to that, if I might, for a few moments. There is, I believe, a strong and pervasive and somewhat subtle strategy unfolding today among those who call themselves “evangelical Christians.” This is being masterminded by the archenemy, Satan and, sadly, being bought into by many, many people in evangelical churches. This subtle strong strategy, basically, is an attack on the sufficiency of the Word of God.

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