The Believer’s Armor: The Sword of the Spirit (Podcast)

The Believer’s Armor: The Sword of the Spirit Podcast by Pastor John MacArthur for Grace to You

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This morning we come to our last study in the armor of the Christian.  We want to examine the last piece of the Christian’s armor.  Verse 17, finally as Paul expresses what is needed for the believer to overcome Satan and his hosts, he says, “Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”  Old Dr. Guthrie said, “The Bible is an armory of heavenly weapons, a laboratory of infallible medicines, a mine of exhaustless wealth.  It is a guidebook for every road, a chart for every sea, a medicine for every malady, and a balm for every wound.  Rob us of our Bible and our sky has lost its sun.”

One writer said the authorship of the Bible is so wonderful.  “There are words written by kings, by emperors, by princes, by poets, by sages, by philosophers, by fishermen, by statesmen, by men learned in the wisdom of Egypt, educated in the schools of Babylon, and trained at the feet of rabbis in Jerusalem.  It was written by men in exile, in the desert, in shepherd’s tents, in green pastures, and beside still waters.  Among its authors we find a tax-gatherer, a herdsman, a gatherer of sycamore fruit.  We find poor men, rich men, statesmen, preachers, captains, legislators, judges, and exiles.  The Bible is a library full of history, genealogy, ethnology, law, ethics, prophecy, poetry, eloquence, medicine, sanitary science, political economy, and the perfect rules for personal and social life.  And behind every word is the divine author God Himself.”

Of the authorship of the Bible, John Wesley said, “The Bible must have been written by God or good men or bad men or good angels or bad angels.”  And then he said, “But bad men and bad angels wouldn’t write it because it condemns bad men and bad angels.  And good men and good angels wouldn’t deceive by lying as to its authority and claiming that God wrote it.”     “  And so,”    said Wesley, “the Bible must have been written as it claims to have been written by God, who by His Holy Spirit inspired men to record His words using the human instrument to communicate His truth.”

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