Restaurant Recalls More Than 2 Million Pounds of Beef

Restaurant Recalls More Than 2 Million Pounds of Beef from Mercola – announced on October 17, 2019

GNN Note – One of many reasons to never, ever eat at this garbage dump.


Popular fast food joint Taco Bell has voluntarily recalled 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef from restaurant locations and distribution centers across 21 states, following a customer’s discovery of a metal shaving in their food, which contained beef. The product was produced at a plant used by Taco Bell to make the seasoned beef used for tacos, burritos and other menu items. It was sent to distribution centers in Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia.

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Julie Masino, Taco Bell North America President, said in a statement, “Nothing is more important than our customers’ safety, and nothing means more to us than their trust. As soon as we received the first consumer complaint, we immediately acted to remove the product from the affected restaurants and proactively worked with the supplier to inform the USDA of our steps to protect our guests.”

On Monday, the U.S Department of Agriculture announced that Columbus-based Kenosha Beef International was recalling “an undetermined amount of seasoned beef products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically metal shavings,” after the firm received three customer complaints.

According to the USDA, the affected items are cases containing eight 5-lbs. bags of “TACO BELL SEASONED BEEF taco and Burrito Filling,” produced between Sept. 20 and Oct. 4.

If you frequent Taco Bell, and metal shavings in your food aren’t enough to convince you to stay away, finding out what else is hiding in your taco meat just might.

To truly optimize your health, it is important to minimize processed convenience foods from fast-food restaurants altogether. Most commercially raised, factory-farmed meats sold in supermarkets and to fast-food restaurants are loaded with antibiotics, concentrated toxins and disease-causing bacteria, which cannot possibly contribute to good health. On the other hand, organically raised, grass fed beef is so nutritionally superior to its factory-farmed counterpart that it can be considered a completely different food. Organic, grass fed beef can be included as part of an optimally healthy diet. Until Taco Bell starts to make its tacos from organic, grass fed meat, they’re a long way off from healthy.

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