Mike Pence Announces Turkey Ceasefire in Syria

Mike Pence Announces Turkey Ceasefire in Syria by Charles Spiering for Breitbart

Vice President Mike Pence announced at a press conference Thursday that the United States and Turkey had reached a 120-hour ceasefire agreement in Syria.

Pence announced the news after meeting for more than five hours in Turkey with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkish authorities.

He also announced that Turkey would pause its military invasion to allow the withdrawal of YPG forces from the safe zone.

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The safe zone includes a 20-mile-wide area south of the Turkish border in Syria.

Once the withdrawal of the YPG forces was concluded, Pence said, Turkey would agree to a permanent ceasefire.

Turkey also agreed not to take military action against the Kobani community in Syria.

Pence said that the United States and Turkey had recommitted to their agreement to coordinate on the detainment of Islamic State (ISIS) fighters.

“I spoke with President Trump just a few moments ago, and I know the president is very grateful for President Erdogan’s willingness to step forward to enact this ceasefire and give an opportunity for a peaceful solution of this conflict that commenced one week ago,” Pence stated.

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