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Unless We Are Sent Podcast by Pastor JD Greear for Summit Church

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OK, last week I explained to you that Romans 10 is the flip of Romans 9. Romans 9 was all about God’s sovereignty in the salvation process; Romans 10 focuses on our role.

For Paul, God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility exist together in a mysterious tension that we, at least on this side of eternity, may never fully resolve.

The 1st 13 verses of Romans 10 focused on how we believe. Starting in vs. 14 Paul shifts his focus on the role we play in helping others believe.

Listen, today we’re going to get at the heart of Christian mission. The 4 verses we’re going to look at are the culmination of Paul’s relentlessly building logic–what all this gospel theology means for how a serious follower of Jesus sees his or her life:

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