The Believer’s Armor: The Belt of Truthfulness (Podcast)

The Believer’s Armor: The Belt of Truthfulness Podcast by Pastor John McArthur for Grace to You

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It’s great joy again this morning to have the wonderful privilege of studying the sixth chapter of Ephesians.  I would just call your attention to that.  If you’ll take your Bible now and look with me at Ephesians 6.  I feel like I cannot even begin to exhaust the depths of these tremendous truths that lie within the teaching of the armor of the Christian in versus 14 to 17, a teaching which we’ll be looking at this week and several weeks to come.  They’re almost inexhaustible.  They plumb the depths of so much Christian truth that we’re going to have to build on some of your knowledge from the past and we’ll anticipate even adding in the future to all these thoughts contain. 

But we’ve learned this much.  For the last few weeks as we have come to the final section of the Book of Ephesians we have noted that the believer is involved in a warfare, a battle.  We have seen that this battle is against a formidable enemy, Satan and all of his host of demons.  In fact we’ve been trying to point out to you that the committed Christian and Satan are on a collision course.  It is inevitable that your life will intersect with the forces of Hell as you live for God.  There is absolutely no question about that.  It’s only a question as to how that manifests itself and what specifics may occur.  The collision is inevitable and, by the way, it’s rather constant as well.  The adversary works hard.  He works effectively.  He works powerfully against the child of God. 

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