Weathering the Storm Together, Chapter 2: Should We Stay or Go?

Weathering the Storm Together, Chapter 2: Should We Stay or Go? by Megan Stewart for The Survivalist Blog

You can read chapter 1 here, or see all of the chapters here.

By sunrise on Wednesday morning, Jess and Steve were both at the breakfast table going over their stockpile inventory and their bug out planning once more. Steve was watching video of the devastation the Hurricane had brought to the Caribbean already.

Jess would take the list she’d created while doing the inventory the day before and head to the local small grocery store just down the street to purchase whatever she could before any evacuation order might be ordered and things would get even crazier.

After breakfast, Jess headed out to make a last trip to the store to get needed items that were still available. Steve reminded her to grab several extra bottles of bleach while at the store. They both knew that if they stayed put, the bleach would be invaluable for purifying water in the time following the hurricane when public utilities could be inoperable.

It would also be a vital resource during the cleanup process once any flood waters receded.As she left, Steve handed her one of the handheld radios for backup communication.

While Jess was at the store, Steve called the kids into the living room. “You guys are getting a day off from school today.” Steve waited for the cheers to die down from Jeff and Sammy. “Okay guys we’re going to review safety procedures so you know what to do if the bad weather gets to our area.”

“Is it going to be bad, dad?” Sammy was sitting cross-legged on the couch next to Delia.

“It’s hard to know with a hurricane, Sammy. But the weathermen are predicting a category 4 hurricane which can be very strong winds. We weren’t here for Hurricane Matthew but this area experienced a lot of damage then and it had downgraded to a Category 3.

With a Cat 4 Hurricane, the winds can be over 150 mph and it can do a lot more damage. Right now we’re watching where the storm moves so we can decide whether to stay here or head on up to the cabin in Georgia for awhile. With Hurricanes, it’s hard because their path can change. We should know pretty soon what the best thing to do is going to be.” Sammy nodded.

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