The Fall Of Nashville

The Fall Of Nashville by Rory for The Daily Coin

As a native Nashvillian I am now referred to as a “unicorn” because we are so few in number. It is a rare occasion that I meet any of my kind. I am now surrounded people that have imported their culture, their line of thinking and their lack of concern for community that created their reason for relocating here in the first place. They did not check these items at the door when they entered.

Over the past several years we have seen our fair city transformed from a family friendly place to a liberal trash bin. Today, interim Mayor, David Briley, drove a stake through the heart of this once great city.

Beginning in approximately 2009 when the economic collapse began Nashville was, economically speaking, protected from what was happening around the country. With the exception of a couple of neighborhoods, that were and continue to be filled with criminal activity, our housing market did not implode. It just ticked along at a steady pace for a few years then began to climb once again. The filthy satanic globalist saw an opportunity to capture a great new land mass and convert it into the latest liberal infested cesspool. My, oh my, how they have succeeded.

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In 2015 extreme liberal Megan Barry won the office of Mayor and began the transformation in earnest. The day of the election she complained and whined, as most liberals do, that the polls needed to be kept open past the 7pm cut off because people were working and didn’t have time to vote even though the polls opened at 7am. She won in a run-off only to be forced to resign in disgrace after being found guilty of felony theft.

For the past 3-4 years you can’t hardly turn on HGTV without seeing another program televised from Nashville. Nashville has been promoted six-ways to forever by all means possible – telling everyone, every where that Nashville is the “it city” and you need to visit or move there immediately. Just this past year the ESPN / Disney juggernaut blew thru town and brought a whole new level of attention. Prior to this Nashville was featured in the CMA annual TV show, featured on NFL Sunday, Monday and Thursday football games with all the national attention. Then the Nashville Predators were the team to beat in hockey and have been on the hockey fans radar for a number of years.

Little by little the word kept spreading, the cranes began going up and the housing market exploded. We now have more than 75 people a day moving here which is down from the almost 100 per day just a couple of years ago. Here’s a screen shot of the articles that popped up when I searched ( “How many people move to nashville daily

Beginning in approximately 2014 everything really changed and the flood of people fleeing their current liberal cesspool began locating here because of the tax structure, great weather and family friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, they brought the liberal cesspool with them and now, 4+ years later Nashville no longer exist. It is just another city on it’s way to being the next Baltimore, Chicago or any other liberal run cesspool around the country.

Enter David Briley, Vice Mayor under the aforementioned disgraced Megan Barry. Briley, the grandson of Beverly Briley, who was the first Mayor of the then newly formed Metropolitan Government of Davidison County and was first elected in 1963. Beverly Briley was a conservative. David Briley, unlike his grandfather, is a sanctuary city type of liberal. The same type of liberal that ruined once incredibly beautiful cities like San Fransisco, Ca., Portland, Or. and Seattle, Wa.  This is the point of this story.

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Nashville Mayor, David Briley, just signed an Executive Order (EO) that would stop ICE, the CBP and the federal agents from doing their job – you know, protecting the law abiding, LEGAL citizens of Nashville. The EO directs Metro Nashville employees, agents or agencies to ignore their duty to protect and serve the LEGAL citizens of Nashville. If the state were to repeal House Bill 2315, which Briley is calling for, this EO would be effective immediately. HB 2315 is the “sanctuary city” law that supports ICE and Federal agents attempting to capture, arrest and deport illegal immigrants.

Should the bill be overturned, Briley has issued the following directives to go into effect immediately:

  • Metro Nashville employees would not permit ICE or CBP agents to have access to any persons being detained by the city unless presented with a valid and properly issued warrant.
  • Metro Nashville employees would not transfer any person into ICE or CBP custody unless presented with a valid and properly issued warrant.
  • Metro Nashville employees would not allow ICE or CBP agents to access Metro Nashville facilities, information or equipment for immigration enforcement operations unless presented with a valid and properly issued warrant.
  • Metro Nashville employees, agents or agencies would not request information about a person’s immigration or citizenship status unless required by an ordinance, court order, or state or federal law.

Read the full executive order HERE >>>

Please keep in mind Briley signed this EO on the same day a liberal court in San Fransisco, once again, made it impossible to convict or deport a 5 time deported illegal immigrant with multiple convictions, for the murder of Kate Steinle.

At the end of the day, wether this EO is ever made effective or not the damage to our once proud city is done. Nashville has been overwhelmed by liberals looking to escape the nightmare they created in another part of the country only to recreate the same nightmare here where they have landed.

Nashville has fallen and if you loved this city, as I have, you should weep for her passing. The city in which my wife and I grew up, came of age and have loved our entire life is now gone. My guess is there will be no candle light vigil for her passing.

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