The Book of Romans – More than Conquerors: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible (Podcast)

The Book of Romans – More than Conquerors: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible by Pastor JD Greear for Summit Church

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I’m not sure if you’ve heard the name Peter Deyneka –he was a 1 Russian immigrant who fled to America in 1911 to escape the Communist Revolution.

● He became a Christian shortly after arriving in Chicago, went to the Moody Bible Institute and was then powerfully used by God in both America and Russia in bringing people to Jesus. He tells this great story about his escape from Russia.

● His parents had sacrificed everything to get him a boat ticket to America.

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● He got on the boat with virtually nothing. No money; just a knapsack with a few clothes; his mom had stuffed some stale, hard bread into his bag for him to eat on the journey.

● He said that throughout the journey he would often look in on everyone in the dining hall, wishing that he could have some of the glorious meals they were eating.

Well, some of the sailors told him that if he helped them with their work that he could eat what they ate–still very meager portions: gruel and hardtack type of stuff–but it was at least more than his moldy bread.

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