America Can Find Her Way Back–Through Repentance and Common Sense

America Can Find Her Way Back–Through Repentance and Common Sense By Charlie Daniels for CNS News

When I went to grammar school, there were kids in my classes who, when election time rolled around, would be for different candidates than I was, or rather their parents were, as we were all way too young to grasp the implications or ramifications of whichever candidates were on the ballot.

In my family, my parents and grandparents – having lived through the Great Depression – it was whichever candidates who ran on the Democrat side of the ballot who were favored, namely because Roosevelt was hailed as the president who ended the “hard times,” as they were commonly known, and Herbert Hoover’s name was practically synonymous with a curse word. The Republican Party wore the blame for decades.

My friends and playmates whose families favored the Republican candidates simply reflected the thoughts and choices they had heard at home, and conversely, the kids from the Democrat homes did the same.

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But there was never any animosity, anger or grudges held against opposing sides, a situation akin to whether you were a New York Yankees fan or a Brooklyn Dodgers fan as most of the boys of my acquaintance were in those days of smaller baseball leagues and limited choices.

Politics, for the most part in those days before the coming of television, was more a distraction whose conventions and coverage took up valuable radio time usually devoted to “The Lone Ranger” and the myriad of afternoon broadcast time slots allotted to programming for the pee-wee set.

Even in high school, we paid more attention to – but took no umbrage at – each other’s political choices and they affected our relationships not one whit.

I don’t know exactly when we began to be so divided by politics that we feel it is incumbent upon us to totally disrespect the opinions of others as to let it divide friends and family. In some circles, verbal disagreement is not enough, and some feel we are obliged to harm or even destroy those who disagree with us.

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