The How, Why, and When of Creation Part 2 (Podcast)

The How, Why, and When of Creation Podcast by Pastor John MacArthur for Grace to You

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As you know, we have been doing a series in the last several weeks on the subject of origins.  Obviously this has alerted my mind to our society and perhaps more sensitively than it has been in the past.  And I think it’s safe to say that the lie that the universe as we know it today evolved is the most sophisticated, complex and highly educated lie in existence.  It has, for all intents and purposes, captivated the entire world.  It is believed by the greatest mass of humanity, at least in the western world.  And even though it is impossible and irrational, it is nonetheless perpetuated with great force and with great academic effort.

Modern evolutionary theory has demanded and received almost universal acceptance in the world.  The theory that no one created the universe as it is,but that it came into being by chance and it progresses through constant changes, mutations and transitions upwardly from simplicity to complexity completely through a random process basically rules human thought.

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And I suppose we expect those people who reject God and those people who reject the Bible, those people who do not love the Lord Jesus Christ, who do not know Him, those people who love sin, those people who don’t want a moral judge or a moral law, we expect those kind of people to be happy with such a convenient explanation of the way things are.  And I suppose that’s why it’s so shocking that this evolutionary lie has dominated the evangelical Christian community as well.  Theologians and exegetes and Bible commentators have felt it necessary to take the simple explanation of creation in Genesis chapter 1 and basically deny it.

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