Allen West: Left’s War on Inequality Will Lead to More Poverty, Gov’t Dependence

Allen West: Left’s War on Inequality Will Lead to More Poverty, Gov’t Dependence By Allen West for CNS News

Recently, U.S. Senator and current Democratic Party [Socialist] presidential candidate Cory (Spartacus) Booker, came up with another of those brilliant leftist ideas. He believes that we need to declare war on inequality, and that we should just give money to certain children born in America. This follows right along with that absurd concept called Universal Basic Income, or free money. Now, let’s be honest. We have been there before with the progressive, socialist left. Remember when President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared a “war on poverty”? Yes, and how has this worked out?

If there is one thing we can count on from the left in America, well, the left period, is to come up with the insidious schemes and themes that are counterproductive. Somehow the left’s war on poverty has given us more poverty. And for a military fella such as myself, we call that a strategic failure. Only the folks on the left would deem it a success. Then again, perhaps the intention was to drive more people into poverty and government dependence. And where do we find the greatest amount of poverty in America? Yes, let’s be honest, in the urban centers of America. You know, those regions controlled by the progressive, socialist left.

However, think about the irrational thought behind Sen. Booker’s thought process. First, it is high time someone, I guess me, explains to the left that inequality exists in every aspect of our society. Some people are taller, others are shorter. Some people are smarter, others have more savvy. Some people are graceful, talented, and artistic, whereas others, like me, have no artistic talents whatsoever. Some people jump higher, run faster, and excel in athletics. Folks like me peaked in high school. Some people come into the military as a Private and end up retiring as a Command Sergeant Major. Others do not have the resolve to join at all. Some join the military but are not warriors.

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