5 MYTHS ABOUT SCIENCE AND THEOLOGY by J.P. Moreland for Core Christianity

GNN Note – The quote below is one of my favorites. It points to a real God that created everything. It is the few first words in the article I wrote that became the fuel to create this website – The Original Fake News

When you think about science and God arguably the two most significant scientific discoveries in all of cosmology in the last 100 years points strongly to God.

One, that the universe has a beginning. If it has a beginning then there had to be something that got it started. There had to be something that gave it that beginning.

Not only do I think that science doesn’t disprove God but I actually think that only God proves science. Source


Myth #1: Science gives us more certain knowledge than philosophy or theology.

Consider these two claims: (1) Electrons exist. (2) It is wrong to torture babies for the fun of it. Which do we know with greater certainty? (2) is the correct answer. Why? The history of the electron has gone through various changes in what an electron is supposed to be. No one today believes that Thompsonian electrons (J. J. Thompson was the discoverer of electrons) exist because our views have changed so much. It is not unreasonable to believe that in fifty to one hundred years, scientific depictions of the electron will change so much that scientists will no longer believe that what we mean by an electron today exists. Regarding (2), someone may not know how they know it is true, but nevertheless, we all, in fact, know it is true. If someone denies that, he needs therapy, not an argument. Now it is not hard to believe that in fifty to one hundred years, most people will no longer believe (2). But it is hard to see what kind of rational considerations could be discovered that would render (2) an irrational belief. Thus, we have more certainty in (2) than in (1).

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And the same is true for certain theological assertions such as that God exists. From natural theology, we know that the universe began to exist, that it could not have popped into existence out of nothing, and it had to come from something that was spaceless, timeless, immaterial, supernatural (it transcends the universe and is not limited by natural laws), and had the power of spontaneous action in order to create the beginning of time from a position of timelessness. Only a Person fits all that. The evidence we have for this is stronger than that for many claims of science, e.g., that all our genetic information is encoded in DNA.

Myth #2: It is never rational to go against the views of the overwhelming percentage of experts in an area of science.

Most Christians would accept treatment recommendations for cancer if 95% of oncologists embraced that treatment as the best. But 95% of biologists, paleontologists and scientists in related areas accept the general theory of evolution, but most Christians do not. Are Christian views regarding evolution rational and, if so, why? There are at least four criteria for when it is rational to go against the overwhelming percentage of experts in an area of science, e.g. those who accept evolution:

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