Pope Francis: Migrants and Refugees Are ‘Emblems of Exclusion’

Pope Francis: Migrants and Refugees Are ‘Emblems of Exclusion’ by Thomas D Williams, Ph. D. for Breitbart

GNN Note – Yes, Mr. pope-on-dope, migrants and refugees are excluded from living in Vatican City. Primarily due to the enormous wall encircling the entire country.  He’s a reminder for you just in case you forgot what we see. Let a bunch of people that don’t have any resources come to your “house” and instead of the Vatican taking in millions upon millions of funds in  “donations” begin bleeding out millions upon millions of actually funds and get back to me on how that’s working out for you.


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I tell you what, Mr. pope-on-dope you tear down that wall I will no longer point out your hypocrisy and satanic globalist ways. Deal? Shake on that? No. Not surprising at all.


Pope Francis said Monday that migrants represent all those who are excluded, oppressed, and marginalized in today’s society.

In his annual message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, the pope offered a series of reflections revolving around the theme: “It is not just about migrants.”

It’s not just about migrants, he said. It’s about “our fears”; it’s about “charity”; it’s about “our humanity”; it’s about “seeing that no one is excluded”; it’s about “putting the last in the first place”; it’s about “the whole person, about all people”; it’s about “building the city of God and man”; it’s about “all of us, and about the present and future of the human family.”

“The most economically advanced societies are witnessing a growing trend towards extreme individualism which, combined with a utilitarian mentality and reinforced by the media, is producing a ‘globalization of indifference,’” the pope said.

“In this scenario, migrants, refugees, displaced persons and victims of trafficking have become emblems of exclusion,” he said. “In addition to the hardships that their condition entails, they are often looked down upon and considered the source of all society’s ills.”

“That is why it is not just about migrants,” he said. “When we show concern for them, we also show concern for ourselves, for everyone; in taking care of them, we all grow; in listening to them, we also give voice to a part of ourselves that we may keep hidden because it is not well regarded nowadays.”

In his message, the pope reiterated his conviction that resistance to mass migration is fueled by fear.

“The signs of meanness we see around us heighten our fear of ‘the other,’ the unknown, the marginalized, the foreigner,” he said. “We see this today in particular, faced with the arrival of migrants and refugees knocking on our door in search of protection, security and a better future.”

These doubts and fears “condition our way of thinking and acting to the point of making us intolerant, closed and perhaps even – without realizing it – racist,” he said. “In this way, fear deprives us of the desire and the ability to encounter the other, the person different from myself.”

“Migrants, especially those who are most vulnerable, help us to read the ‘signs of the times,’” he said in conclusion. “Through them, the Lord is calling us to conversion, to be set free from exclusivity, indifference and the throw-away culture.”

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