European Union Is Coming Unglued: France, Italy, UK, Greece, Belgium – RISING

European Union Is Coming Unglued: France, Italy, UK, Greece, Belgium – RISING by Rory for The Daily Coin

Conservative / Populist Win In France, Italy, UK, Greece, Belgium and Teresa May is set to resign as Prime Minister of the U.K.

I have been saying for the past several months that everything happening in Europe today began with Occupy Wall St. When the movement began it went global almost over night. The Europeans, who were already up to their eyebrows in austerity, lies, Farage on the rise and a conservative underbelly that was looking for a reason to surface.

Brexit, Trump and now the wildfire has spread across Europe and let’s not forget, the populist / conservative movement is alive and spreading across South America as well. Brazilian President Bolsonaro is merely the highest profile, but look at Argentina, Chile and I feel confident a couple of other nations are leaning very heavy right as well.

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The importance of what has just happened in Europe can not be overemphasized. The satanic globalist are now, officially, in serious trouble. Their “brain child” the European Union, the hope and dream of enslaving the better part of a continent is being ripped to shreds.

The populist / conservative movement or if you like, anti-satanic globalist movement, is taking root in Europe. Teresa May is done in the U.K., now we learn that Marine LePen is going to embarrass Macron in France and it appears that actual populist / conservative is going to take over where Tsirpas was to suppose to take over in Greece. Tsirpas was and is a coward and the people have told him to take a hike!!

Le Pen WINS!!! Macron Humiliated in EU Elections!!!


This is good news for Europe and the U.S. The conservative movement is taking root and beginning to spread far and wide. Once Salvini gets Italy secured Europe is going to get very interesting. The odious debt that has foisted upon nation after nation through the euro currency, bonds and the all encompassing thiefdom created by the EuroZone is going to be blown apart. If it were just one nation challenging the EU that would be simple for the satanic globalist to control.

SALVINI WINS! LEGA Officially the BIGGEST Party in ITALY!!!

When you are talking about 4 to 6 nations, possibly a lot than 6, well, you have a serious problem and one that can not be easily contained. Let’s not forget the uprisings in Spain, Belgium and Austria while Hungary has all but left the EU as they are in complete defiance of the order to take illegal border jumpers – Not only has Hungarian President Orban refused to take any – zero – muslims or any other border jumper – he has ordered and received a strengthened border wall and has effectively stopped any and all border jumpers from entering Hungary.

Nationalist Right SURGES to STUNNING VICTORY in Belgium!!

The Brexit Party TRIUMPHS as Tories and Labour Collapse!!!

It’s happening in a big way and the satanic globalist aren’t real sure what to do. Macron has ordered the police thugs in France to fire on the people that are protesting and the people have taken the high ground and are about vote him out. It will be interesting to see who LePen and the National Front handle the thugs that have been wounding, maiming the citizens attempting to have their voices heard. My guess is the law will NOT be applied to them in the same manner in which they themselves applied the law to their friends, family and neighbors.

Source – The Daily Coin –

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