A Plan for Your Family: God’s vs. the World’s (Podcast)

A Plan for Your Family: God’s vs. the World’s Podcast by Pastor John McArthur for Grace to You

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No one needs to prove to us that we may be watching the death of the germ cell of civilization, the family.  All the signs are abundantly clear all around us.  We could drag out all kinds of statistics to indicate the dire situation of the families in our culture.  We are all constantly looking at the parade in the media of divorce, sexual rebellion, abortion, sterilization, delinquency, infidelity, homosexuality, women’s liberation, children’s rights, and so on.  That has been continually paraded for us for the last 10 or 20 years.  We are watching the formation of the rope that strangles the family to death.  And many, frankly, are gladly carving out the tombstone for the family, and really, doing it happily. 

In a book entitled the death of the family, a British physician suggests doing away with the family completely because he says it is a primary conditioning device for a western imperialistic world view. Kate Millett who is a very prominent feminist wrote a book called Sexual Politicsand in it she writes that the family must go because it oppresses and enslaves women.  The people who hold these perspectives are aggressive, forceful, forthright, domineering and they find their most fertile ground for the propagation of their view points in the universities and the colleges of our society and consequently they are in the process of significantly reeducating the youth who eventually fall into the category of the leaders and movers and shakers of our society.

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