Triple Threat The World Faces Right Now

Triple Threat The World Faces Right Now by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Our world seems to be on the fast track to change. Since Occupy Wall St, BREXIT, Trump’s election and all the populist movement that has been gaining speed and picking up new leaders over the past 3 years, the “masters of the universe” seem to be slipping a bit. Now that the entire “russia did it” narrative has fallen apart and been exposed as nothing more than a giant scam against a duly elected President, the corporate media, liberal left, multinational corporations and all their minions are being put on notice.

The sad part is he told us the truth, but no one paid any attention. We pray that people will begin paying attention now.

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As Obama, hillary and the other representatives of the satanic globalist regime attempted to unfurl their evil across the land enough people did awaken to side step hillary and the final carnage that was about to be unleashed on our once proud nation.

The satanic globalist are taking note, adjusting their script and preparing to engage the enemy – the enemy is us, the citizens of our respective nations. No, they won’t do it themselves they will set the table so we fight one another as they make off will all the booty, change the laws to further enslave us and watch as we kill one another – just like it has been done throughout history.

President Trump is currently biggest threat to their satanic globalist order.

Here are two of European giants leading the way to sovereignty, civility and taking their nations back from the banking cabal that has been running their lives for the past several decades. The people are done and these two great men seem to be leading the way back to their respective national identities.

Translation, according to microsoft of the tweet below: HELP ME to RUN at least on the net! Silence of almost all television, shameful titles of newspapers, diffusion of photos of Piazza Duomo at the event still not started. They’re afraid of us, lying and hiding, but may 26th is close!!!

This is the first attack of Nigel Farage that I am aware. He has been nothing but a gentlemen and true representative of the people. My guess is the thug that attack Mr. Farage is a paid agent provocateur.

At the end of the day Mr. Farage is going to lead the people out of the EuroZone and that is has the criminal banking cabal in Brussel, Belgium terrified. They know how powerful Nigel Farage is and, in my opinion, this is a warning that he may want to get more guards, armed guards and be on the look out.

Our best chance at coming together as a nation is to come together as a nation. Stand up to the satanic globalist that make up the gang of 535 in Washington DC. Begin to take action at the local levels of government and take responsibility for our communities, our region and our nation. Otherwise, these satanic globalist will be all too happy to do it for you.

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