France Is Falling: Border Jumpers Take Over Charles de Gaulle Airport

France Is Falling: Border Jumpers Take Over Charles de Gaulle Airport by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

We should expect to see this same type of criminal activity in the U.S. as more and more border jumpers make their way into your neighborhood and my neighborhood. They are becoming more embolden as the authorities allow more and more of their illegal, criminal activities to go unpunished.

This is going to cause a massive backlash unlike anything anyone ever thought possible. The “silent majority” is fast approaching the breaking point and once that point is breached… scenes like this will look a lot different. What will be interesting is how the so-called authorities respond and react to what is coming. I feel confident they are already planning for massive change and backlash – problem, reaction, solution. The government creates a problem, the people react and the government offers a solution that is far more draconian than anyone ever expected or wanted. I think it may be different after this situation runs it’s course. Remember, there are millions and millions more people that understand the problem, reaction, solution scenario than before 9/11. False flags don’t have the same effect, nor do manufactured crisis’. We all know exactly how and who created this mess.

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