How Your Faith Can Empower You to Greatness

How Your Faith Can Empower You to Greatness by SHAWN A. AKERS for Charisma News

Rev. Pablo Diaz says his life mission is to help people maximize their personal and leadership potential. All it takes is a little bit of faith.

The vice president of ministries for Guideposts’ Outreach Division, Diaz says he learned well as part of the John Maxwell team that faith empowers believers with strength to face life’s challenges and to maximize the opportunities that are set before them each day.

“Faith is inner strength that we have, that sense of confidence and hope that because God is with us and God has given us the skill set or the power or the hope we need, we’re going to be more than conquerors to Him who strengthens us,” Diaz said on a recent episode of “Charisma Connection on” the Charisma Podcast Network. “I believe that we’re stronger than we thnink because the power of faith has manifested in our lives.

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“We have faith that God is the Creator of the universe, the Creator of our lives, and that God has a purpose for our lives. But, faith also has to be put into action. And that’s where trust comes in. Trust is having the sense that I can rely and depend upon someone who’s bigger and greater than I am, someone who’s been in control of my life since the beginning and who will take me through this process, and that I’ll come out to be a better person in the end.”

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