Rep. Ilhan Omar: I’m Being Used as a Political Football Because I’m a Woman, Muslim Refugee, Minority

Rep. Ilhan Omar: I’m Being Used as a Political Football Because I’m a Woman, Muslim Refugee, Minority By Melanie Arter for CNS News

GNN Note – No–people are giving you a hard time because you married your brother, legal under sharia law, in order to come to the U.S. and you are still sympathetic to enemies of this nation. You, Ilhan Omar, are a national disgrace and not only you should be removed from office immediately, you should be deported back from which you came.


In an interview Wednesday night on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) claimed that she’s been singled out for her anti-Semitic comments because she’s a Muslim immigrant and a woman.

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Colbert asked her to explain why she’s become “a lightning rod for people.”

“Yeah, I mean if you think about you know historically where our nation is at right now, there are many members of our community that their identities are a lightning rod, right? They’ve become—they’re being used as political football. We are talking about immigrants. We’re talking about refugees, women of color, people of color, minorities,” she said.

Omar said that Muslims specifically are being used as political footballs, “and I just happen to embody all of those identities and so it’s easy for this to kind of be self-explanatory.”

“Well, you were criticized for saying some things that some people on the right, specifically, but also some Democrats saw as being possibly anti-Semitic. You got some support from some people. I think Glen Greenwald might have tweeted in support of you, and you tweeted back to him that the attacks on you are ‘all about the Benjamins,’ meaning AIPAC and a lobbyist from the state of Israel,” Colbert said.

“By saying that you were accused of anti-Semitism again. What was it—you then apologized at the insistence of Nancy Pelosi – so it’s not just Republicans who had problems with what you had said or done. It was also some Democrats. What was that process like? What was that like to be a cudgel like that, being used as a political cudgel right when you began your service?” he asked.

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