Parents have no veto right on LGBT lessons, says Education Secretary, Damian Hinds

Parents have no veto right on LGBT lessons, says Education Secretary, Damian Hinds Staff writer  for Christian Today

GNN Note – Why can’t the people redress issues with the Education Secretary? Why can’t the people determine what curriculum will be taught to there children, the future leaders of their community? When did we wake up in a dictatorship? Why not stand up, demand change or rebuke the Education Secretary – throw the person out office?


Education Secretary Damian Hinds has said that parents who are unhappy about LGBT lessons in schools have no right of veto.

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He issued the clarification in a letter to Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers.

LGBT issues will be taught as part of relationships and sex education lessons becoming compulsory in schools from September 2020.

Mr Hinds said there were “myths” circulating about the nature of the lessons, which he said were about ensuring all young people feel “included”.  Elsewhere, he said the lessons about “developing young people’s understanding of the importance of healthy and respectful relationships with all people”.

“It is regrettable that myths and misinformation about the forthcoming relationships education changes in primary schools, circulated often by individuals with no links to the education system, are undermining the hard work of head teachers, and the legitimate right of parents to be consulted on what their children are being taught about relationships,” he said.

“It is important that we continue to work hard, in partnership with you, to dispel myths and reinforce the fact that these important changes to relationships. education (and RSE) will ensure all children learn about the wide variety of relationships in society throughout their school careers.”

He continued by saying that while schools needed to listen to the views of parents and deliver the lessons in an “age appropriate” way, parents could not veto them altogether.

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