Can The Devil Put Thoughts In Our Minds? (Podcast)

Can The Devil Put Thoughts In Our Minds? (Podcast) by Michael Horton for Core Christianity

Can the devil put thoughts in our minds?

When Satan comes to you, and when he tempts you into thinking that you really don’t have a genuine conversion experience because you haven’t experienced the Lord the way other people have, or because you are struggling with the same sin over and over again, that’s what Satan focuses on when he comes with those criticisms. He’ll even quote scripture out of context. Do you say then, “let me have a conversation with you, Satan, about my Christian experience? It’s a lot better than you think it is.” No, you put on Christ. Don’t go reach for your righteousness in a conversation with the accuser of the brethren, put on the righteousness of Christ as a breastplate and his arrows won’t penetrate; put on the helmet of salvation, the objective work of Christ; Satan can’t do anything about that. Jesus said, “It is finished” from the cross, and it is. Satan can’t undo that. — Michael Horton​​​​​

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