Courage — Numbers 13:1-3,25-33

Courage — Numbers 13:1-3,25-33 by Pastor Tom Yoon, The Orchards

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Discussion Questions: 1. As you heard the word of God preached or read, what did the Holy Spirit remind you of, challenge you with, convict you of, or encourage you in? Did you have any questions or was anything unclear?

2. Read Numbers 13:1-3. What did the LORD command? How did He describe the land that they were to spy out?

3. Who was to do this spying? What role did the spies play in the life of Israel?

4. Read Numbers 13:25-33. How did the spies describe the land when they returned? What did Caleb and Joshua recommend? What did the other spies recommend? Why do the other spies recommend against entering the land?

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