The Fascinating Way Phil Robertson Preached the Gospel to Donald Trump (Podcast)

The Fascinating Way Phil Robertson Preached the Gospel to Donald Trump Podcast from Charisma Mag

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is known for his no-nonsense take on the issues of the day. And while Robertson’s bold proclamations often extend into the social and political realms, he’s most passionate about sharing the Christian gospel. In fact, Robertson revealed what he did back in 2016 when he was given just a few minutes with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Robertson, author of the new book, The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country, recently told “The Billy & Justin Show” about his fascinating meeting with Trump.

“I get back in there … there’s Trump and his little entourage,” Robertson said. “I knew I didn’t have but 15 minutes, so whatever I did, I had to make it quick.”

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But rather than ask Trump for a favor or exchange pleasantries, Robertson recalled thinking, “I’ve got to get the gospel to him in a hurry.” That’s when he decided to show Trump a hand-drawn explanation of the Christian gospel.

Listen to him reveal his incredible move:

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