Atonement — Exodus 32:1-16 (Podcast)

Atonement — Exodus 32:1-16 Podcast – Pastor, Colin Smith for The Orchard

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1. As you heard the word of God preached or read, what did the Holy Spirit remind you of, challenge you with, convict you of, or encourage you in? Did you have any questions or was anything unclear?
2. How did the LORD communicate with his people after bringing them to Mount Sinai? (See various ascent passages in the Sermon Outline.) What tensions and dangers arose from the LORD’s holy presence with his people?
3. Read Exodus 32:1-16. What do the people tell Aaron to do? Why have they decided to take this step? How does Aaron respond?
4. How are the people sinning against the LORD? does the LORD respond to the people’s sin? How does the LORD respond to our sin?
5. Why won’t being sorry enough or being obedient enough bring back God’s presence when a person has sinned? What will?
6. Read Exodus 32:30-35. What does Moses attempt to do for the people? What does he offer on their behalf? What is “atonement”?
7. How does the LORD respond to Moses’s attempt at atonement? Is it God’s duty to forgive people? Why or why not?
8. How does Jesus Christ atone for our sins?

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