My Girlfriend Affirms Homosexual Love — Is This a Deal-Breaker? (Podcast)

My Girlfriend Affirms Homosexual Love — Is This a Deal-Breaker? Podcast – John Piper

We get many questions from boyfriends and girlfriends who are trying to discern God’s will in a spouse. What types of things are marriage deal-breakers? And that’s the theme of today’s question, a really important one from a young man.

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“Dear Pastor John, I have been with my girlfriend for eight months now, and I believe that she could be the one God has for me. She loves Jesus, and shows it in many ways. The next step in our relationship is marriage. We both love each other dearly, and we would both be excited to be married together. However, there is only one thing that stops me. She has told me on several occasions she doesn’t believe homosexuality is a sin. I point her to Romans 1:26–27. But she gives me no indication she will back down. Is this a deal-breaker for our relationship?”

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Till Death Do Us Part

Yes, it is a deal-breaker. Now before I say why, remember that before you are married, you have the awesome privilege of marrying or not marrying. It’s not a sin to break off an engagement for biblical, godly reasons.

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