Disney, Nestle Pull YouTube Ads Over ‘Soft-Core Pedo Ring’ Exposed By Blogger

Disney, Nestle Pull YouTube Ads Over ‘Soft-Core Pedo Ring’ Exposed By Blogger from ZeroHedge

GNN Note – The first question we have is – what took you so long? We have been reporting on this very topic for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS.


Walt Disney is joining Nestle SA and other companies in pulling ads from YouTube after a blogger uncovered a “soft-core pedophilia ring” facilitated in the comments section, reports Bloomberg.

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Some of the videos involved in the pedo ring were placed next to Disney and Nestle advertisements, according to the report.

All Nestle companies in the U.S. have paused advertising on YouTube, a spokeswoman for the company said Wednesday in an email. Video game maker Epic Games Inc. and German packaged food giant Dr. August Oetker KG also said they had postponed YouTube spending after their ads were shown to play before the videos. Disney has also withheld its spending, according to people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been made public. –Bloomberg

In a 20-minute YouTube video published Sunday which has over 1.7 million views as of this writing, blogger Matt Wilson described how comments on YouTube were being used to identify certain videos in which young girls can be seen participating in sexually suggestive behavior – such as posing in front of mirrors and doing gymnastics and “yoga stretching.”

When one clicked on one of the videos, YouTube algorithms then suggested similar ‘pedo-centric’ material.

[GNN Note – this video contains adult language and discusses extreme situations. You have been warned.]

YouTube says it has taken action, telling Bloomberg in an email: “Any content –including comments — that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube. We took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling violative comments.”

YouTube says that total ad spending on the videos was under $8,000 over the last two months, and they will refund advertisers.

The question remains – why hasn’t YouTube done more to police the ‘soft-core pedo porn’ on its platform?

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