Why Blessing Your Enemies Is Such a Strong Spiritual Weapon

Why Blessing Your Enemies Is Such a Strong Spiritual Weapon by MARK VIRKLER for Charisma Mag

If I bless a person rather than cursing them, can that change the outcome of a situation? Last week I had someone disagree with a sentence I had written, so they sent me an email cursing me with all kinds of names and attacking my heart motivation for writing such a sentence. Wow! All this cursing from just two or three words in a sentence that could have been said better, and which I was glad to change and did change. Name-calling, cursing and accusing are so prevalent today it can easily defile our spirits.

Responding in the Flesh

My human, carnal tendency is to judge and put down people when they cross me. If I look at the political discussions going on, they are full of accusation and name-calling. And it’s not just politics. The church I was saved in did its share of name-calling. They considered every other denomination unsaved, and we had various names for them: deceived, heretics, liberals and of course, they were all going to hell, and we didn’t mind letting them know that.

Name-calling absolutely defiles one’s spirit. I refuse to listen to political or religious debates as the animosity expressed can easily contaminate my spirit if I do not have my guard up. Now, if people are hungry for truth and they want an honest discussion of pros and cons on a topic, that is another thing. I am fine with that.

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The Bible cautions me…

  • “Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so” (James 3:10).
  • “Do not repay evil for evil, or curse for curse, but on the contrary, bless, knowing that to this you are called, so that you may receive a blessing” (1 Pet. 3:9).

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