Best States To Live A Preparedness Lifestyle

Best States To Live A Preparedness Lifestyle by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Many of us live a preparedness lifestyle to varying extents. Some casually, others more seriously.

What is a preparedness lifestyle? From small increments all the way to large effort, it’s basically a lifestyle that integrates:

– aspects of self sufficiency, self reliance
– general preparedness for systemic disruption
– aspiration towards freedom and independence

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I could detail this lifestyle further. But you likely know what I mean…

So, here’s a question. Where might be the best states to live a preparedness lifestyle? How would you define criteria for this determination?

Must haves?
Nice to haves?

I’ll start with a few of my own thoughts off the top of my head…


The lifestyle will certainly involve growing food at a minimum. Not every place is favorable for this. Factors include natural soil conditions, length of growing season, and rainfall.

Cold climates (north in general) will have a much shorter growing season. Southern climates benefit greatly in this regard.

Desert and arid regions lack rainfall. Irrigation is a requirement there.

Blazing hot climates will have their own gardening issues.

The costs of living in colder climates is higher. Heating, and all the other material requirements that are necessary while living in a cold climate will add up.

Hot climates have their own issues too. Some places can get so hot that outdoor activities become limited. Hot and Humid is pretty darn awful, right? Like heat is needed up north during winter, air conditioning sure helps down south during summer!

We all adapt to our own climates. Those adaptations have their own issues. It’s just part of the equation.

Generally speaking, and logically, northern climates may not be ideal (although do-able). I currently live north and I can attest to the climate issues. But I do adapt. I’m used to it.


Fact: The closer people live together, the more challenges there are.

Population density of a region is a big factor in my estimation. Mostly, the risk thereof is “if” there’s a “post collapse” to deal with. Other than that, lifestyle adapts.

Generally speaking, the nicer the climate, the more people who live there. Which begs the question, what is the perfect climate (no such thing)? I live way up northern NH. Not many people live up here comparatively. I like that (“elbow room”). However it’s cold a lot (always trade-off’s).

I drove across country awhile ago. One thing I noticed was that our nation is filled with vast seemingly open spaces dotted with regions of high population density. Yes, the East is generally highly populated. Some regions very much so. But there are regions that aren’t so bad.

Lots of the West in general is arid. The regions that are plush are mostly filled with lots of people (logically). But I know there are “sweet spots” out there.

The South seems to have its advantages. Some of it is heavily populated. Other areas not so much. But the heat?

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