Dangers of SPLC and Their Attempts to Silence Christian Conservatives: Dr Carol Swain

Dangers of SPLC and Their Attempts to Silence Christian Conservatives: Dr Carol Swain by Rory – The Daily Coin

Back in May 2018 Nashville held an off-cycle special Mayoral election. There was a special election because the socialist democrats supported Megan Barry who was exposed as an adulteress, criminal and was relieved of her duty. My wife and I both were major critics of Barry due to her attempts at designating Nashville as a sanctuary city, attempts to destroy the flow of traffic in the city and her support of a $9 BILLION boondoggle transportation system.

The breakdown on spending for the transit plan, dubbed Let’s Move Nashville, from 2018 to 2032 is projected to be:

  • $5.4 billion for light rail on five corridors, the downtown tunnel and other related costs (61.2 percent)
  • $1.1 billion for enhancements to the city’s current bus system (12.8 percent)
  • $1.2 billion for interest, principal repayment on debt and financing costs (13.2 percent)
  • $934 million for operating and maintenance (10.4 percent)
  • $211 million for reserves (2.4 percent)

The report also says a number of other factors could increase the cost of the transit plan over time, including inflation. Source

Dr. Swain ran for Mayor of Nashville in a special election this past May. She lost, which is a shame, as she is 100% behind the Trump agenda. Dr. Swain will, hopefully, run again in the next Mayoral election coming up in November 2019. I will not only be voting for her, but I will be supporting her campaign. She is articulate and right on top of the issues that matter most to me and my family.

Dr Swain, like many of you, understands how dangerous the SPLC is to our liberties and freedoms. We look forward to Dr Swain setting our city back on the right track and making our city great.

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