Your Long Term Water Storage – It May Eventually Run Out – Then What?

Your Long Term Water Storage – It May Eventually Run Out – Then What? by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

GNN Note – What’s the order of importance? water, security, shelter? Which of these three items should be of the utmost concern for any preparedness action plan?  3 weeks without food – 3 days without water – 3 minutes without oxygen. If you can’t protect your water do you have water? If you’re can’t protect your security do you have security?


Do you have water set aside for long term water storage? That’s great!!

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It is higher level preparedness to go beyond just a case or two of bottled water – to having a serious quantity of long term water storage.

It is also a potentially dangerous presumption that your water storage will be enough.

Here’s why, and what to consider:


Any long term water storage that you have will eventually run out! And it may happen sooner than you think once you start using it!

This is the typical amount of water that people consume each day. Check it, and come back to read more about what to do:

The Average Gallons Of Water People Consume Each Day

During a serious long lasting emergency where water is scarce, people will conserve (they’ll have to!). But I just wanted to point out how much water is consumed during ‘normal’ times.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve written plenty of articles advocating the importance of having some stored water for drinking and other uses (the more the better).

But the fact is that if a disaster scenario runs on beyond the time frame of your water storage / usage, then you’re SOL until you replenish it. Then what?

Towns and city region municipalities may store millions of gallons of water in ‘long term’ storage tanks for day-to-day use. The thing is, how long will it last? It needs to be constantly replenished or it will run dry. What if they can’t?

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