What A Beautiful Name

What A Beautiful Name Hillsong

Today’s worship video had a huge impact on me personally. When I actually “heard” the song my life changed and the clarity in which some of the words brought about can not be explained, except to say…Jesus, what a beautiful name.

One of the more powerful lines in contemporary Christian music is “what a powerful name it is.” Having been in the news business for close to ten years  and seeing the agents of the enemy sway to and fro, one begins to develop a sense of what really bothers those that believe they are rightfully ruling over the masses. This song exposes, for those with eyes to see, exactly what bothers these agents and does it with beauty and a soft voice.

That one line proves to me the agents of the enemy, that hold court in high places of society, are absolutely terrified of the current worldwide resurgence of Christianity. Why do you think the agents of the enemy are fighting so hard to convince everyone that Christianity is dying, the church is dying and the Word is inaccurate and meaningless? What a powerful name it is, indeed!

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This version has 259,000,000 views on Youtube for a reason. I can not wait to see this live later this year.

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