My Disciple Part 1 & 2 with Kenny Luck (Podcasts)

My Disciple Part 1 & 2 with Kenny Luck for Every Man Ministries

Hey guys – it’s your host Jeremy – thanks for being a part of the Every Man Livestream Study. Today’s study is going to be highlighting the fact that – who we really are eventually comes out in our relationships. I think we can all agree that that can be a good thing or… a bad thing. For most men, it’s fair to say that relationships represent his greatest challenge, his greatest source of regret OR his highest sense of achievement and satisfaction. How do we know? Because millions of men are turning to Every Man resources, podcasts, curriculums on one topic more than ANY OTHER – relationships. Whether he admits it or not – every man knows… if he is not doing relationships right he is not doing life right. If you believe that then I am glad you are with us because in today’s study Jesus says that being his disciple has an expected and positive consequence for everyone connected to you – they will feel more loved.

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Mp3 Download / Listen HERE>>>

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