What Is Your Name? Who Are You?

What Is Your Name? Who Are You? by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Two simple questions. Ask people “what is your name?” and watch how they react. Listen to their response. Ask them “what is your whole name?” and more-than-likely there will be a completely different reaction than the first.

Ask them “who are you?” and it is likely the response will be something to do with their job or where they live – nothing to do with who they are – we are not the task we perform for a company. That is not who we are.

Unless you have been living in cave on a deserted island you have no doubt seen a “pride” flag, heard of, or seen in part, a “pride” parade and have probably had the indoctrination nonsense spewed in your direction.

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The homosexual people, the sexual deviants, live in a false identity. The false-pride lie they have been sold – happily and whole-heartedly accepted – gave the ultra lost an identity, no matter how false it is, no matter how big an error they now walk. This is now one of the idols at their altar.

Whenever this false-pride flag shows up – which has now morphed and has far more than the original incomplete six colors – one can be assured there likely will be a conversation about identity and how “this is who I am” “this is who I have always been”. All of which is spoken in error and all untrue.

These images, parades and all the other chants, songs and speeches, are all an affirmation of self. All are an affirmation that the individual has made themselves god. The individual has thrown off God, the One True Living God, and made themselves to be god. They are not. These people, however, are convinced they do, in fact, have the power to change what God has made. They do, in fact, believe they have the right to look God in the face and call Him a liar, an idiot and tell Him, point blank, that He is wrong. Sadly, a number of establishments that call themselves “church” support this false doctrine. These establishments prove, beyond question, they are of this world as they are in this world. What kingdom do they serve?

The catholic community, under the leadership of Pope Francis, embraces this idea, the notion that a person can pick and chose their identity. A person can look at the One True Living God and call Him a fool. This will not end well for the ones that chose this path.

If the methodist church, catholic church and a variety of other churches support the idea a person living in a false identity is 100% acceptable that means these churches no longer believe the devil is real. Do they no longer believe that hell is a real place? Is that possible if one accepts a false identity as truth?

When we accepted God into our heart, into our lives and dedicated our wills and our lives to His care does anyone remember there being fireworks, bells ringing or some type of major announcement to the community? Outside of our water baptism there was probably not a lot of change in the moment when we accepted God, Jesus Christ as our Savior, our Lord. We made our proclamation, to another person in the presence of God and that-was-that. The work began at that moment. The process of sanctification began. What makes one think it would be any different for someone who has decided to follow the enemy? It didn’t change simply because we are talking about the enemy instead of our Lord and Savior. We are merely coming to realize the enemy is real and he is after the same thing that Jesus Christ wants – us – our identity. Jesus wants us to live in our Christ Identity and the enemy is looking to steal, kill and destroy lives in order to capture identities.

Now the enemy has taken everything to the next level and is attempting to wipe out (steal) not only our identity but he wants to eradicate (kill) our children’s very life. The enemy is attempting to convince as many as possible they can change the very structure of their body (destroy). It’s not good enough they tell others they are homosexual, the enemy wants it all. Not just the soul, but the body and mind as well. father of lies and architect of chaos – you bet he is.

When the enemy tells us he is the enemy, we should believe him. When the enemy says he wants to possess us, we should believe him. We should pray and ask Jesus Christ to make any and all of the unclean spirits, unclean words, unclean images and unclean thoughts to flee in the name of Jesus Christ. We should pray this often – multiple times a day. We should put our lives and wills into the hands of the Creator of All, Father God and our heart to be bound to the heart of Jesus Christ and to be lead by the Holy Spirit.

Guide us, direct us in Your Ways, in Your Truth and in Your Life that we made be made clean in the love and light of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Part of an ongoing study of the movie, Nefarious.

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