Medicare death data proves the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more doubts. The debate is over.

Medicare death data proves the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more doubts. The debate is over. by STEVE KIRSCH SubStack

I don’t know how doctors can ignore this; it is crystal clear. The slope of deaths per day post shot goes UP. It is supposed to go DOWN. You can’t ignore this. You can’t explain it.

If you do a simple plot of the absolute number of deaths per day after a vaccine shot is given vs. the number of days that have elapsed since the shot, other than for a brief 21-day period after the shot, the number of deaths per day will always monotonically decline over time in a safe vaccine.

But for the COVID vaccine, it monotonically increases over time for up to 365 days straight.

This happens in every country, after every dose! That’s stunning.

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A positive slope for 1 year post vaccination is unprecedented. It means the COVID vaccine is killing people. There is no other explanation.

And we have other confirmatory signals that the huge number of excess deaths is related to the vaccine from the embalmers where they used to find clots in 15% of their cases, and now it’s in over 90% of their cases.

There is only one explanation that fits these facts: the COVID vaccines are deadly.

This is why the CDC never will show America the Medicare data. Never. The truth has to be hidden from everyone.

And this is why the medical community never asks to see the data.

If they saw the data, doctors would have to admit they were wrong.

The same effect has been observed in the four other countries I have this data on: New Zealand, UK, Israel, and the Maldives.

What more do you need to know?


I’m going to show you below two charts from Medicare, all ages.

Note that Medicare is mostly older people and the average mortality rate is around 4% per year.

These are all people who got vaccinated in 2021 and it looks at the number of deaths per day since the first shot of the vaccine was given in that year (if more than one shot was given). The x-axis is the days since the shot was given. So it is relative to the day of the shot.

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