Enjoy this Christmas season — it may be the last one we have to celebrate in ‘normal’ times

Enjoy this Christmas season — it may be the last one we have to celebrate in ‘normal’ times by LEO HOHMANN via SubStack

WEF warns 2024 likely to bring ‘cataclysmic’ changes

World War III, cyber attacks, economic meltdowns could change life forever; all three scenarios are simmering and ready to explode

Chanukah is underway and Christmas is just a couple of weeks off. Another year will go by the wayside.

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As we approach December 31, you will hear people chirping on social media that they are glad such a bad year is fading into the rearview mirror and how much they are looking forward to brighter times in 2024.

These people are not awake. Don’t get lulled into their fantasyland.

It’s more likely that we will look back on 2023 as perhaps the last year in which we enjoyed a somewhat normal life here in America, still perched atop the global order and enjoying all the benefits of that status. Our dollars still buy food for our Christmas table and energy to heat our homes, even if it’s more expensive than in previous years.

With the world’s superpowers remaining at loggerheads as to how we move forward into a new era marked by artificial intelligence and digital currencies, we can count on being moved closer to World War III next year, if not fully embroiled in it. And living through war and economic upheaval is never easy.

The Luciferian globalist elites have done their best to lay hints of what they plan to hit us with next in their list of conjured-up crises. They talk a lot about cyber attacks.

And when they talk about the coming cyber attacks, they are fond of using words like “catastrophic” and “apocalypse.” (See article from Jan. 25, 2023, by Popular Mechanics titled A Catastrophic Mutating Event Will Strike the World in 2 Years, Report Says)

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