Maybe We All Experience The Same Thing…

Maybe We All Experience The Same Thing…

We all, or so it seems, come into our identity at an early age. Most of us, unfortunately, don’t realize it and, again, most of us have no idea what it even means, how it happens or when it happens. It’s there we simply need to seek, ask and knock in order for it to be revealed.

As a child on Sunday mornings, the earliest memory that comes to mind, was walking to church, alone, having left two brothers and Mom, sitting in close to the back of this Southern Baptist church and seeing the grandeur of it all. The baptismal pool built into the wall, the choir all dressed alike in robes and singing hymns that sounded like angels.

The pastor entered the baptismal pool from the right side with the whitest robe ever then the person being baptized enter from the left, once again, wearing a white robe with a black collar. It was amazing. It was one of those situations, as a five year old, that never leaves you.

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It seems that what is happening today was set in motion decades ago. It seems the people surrounding me today have been moving closer for the past several years in order to add to the foundation upon which this life stands. Maybe you are experiencing the same thing? Maybe we all experience the same thing, but never pay any attention nor do anything about it.

Being available to God and asking for His guidance, His wisdom and His hand to do all things makes our life to move in ways we didn’t know existed. Our lives begin to turn and twist in a multitude of directions, for seemingly no reason, then all the sudden… everything is revealed. Our life’s journey begins and we take our first step into the rest of our life.

God is waiting. Jesus Christ wants to draw you near, He just needs us to turn towards Him and allow the Holy Spirit to speak into our heart, mind and soul.

Today’s challenge… pray like you believe God is listening. Act upon that which you hear. If a person prays for nonsense, like monetary wealth, a new job or some other worldly venture, probably not going to happen. When a person prays for wisdom, insight, support, forgiveness, God’s will and love then our lives begin to change, our lives begin to turn around and all that God has promised will begin to unfold right before your eyes. You may not get the McMansion or the promotion at work, but you will attain freedom, liberty and peace in ways most people are completely unfamiliar.

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