Is An Ominous Prophecy About California Being Fulfilled Right In Front Of Our Eyes?

Is An Ominous Prophecy About California Being Fulfilled Right In Front Of Our Eyes? by  for End Of The American Dream

What we are witnessing in California is unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  Over the past couple of weeks, a “parade of cyclones” has been absolutely hammering the state.  Unfortunately, this crisis is far from over because “atmospheric rivers” will continue to funnel more rain into California for at least several more days.  What I have shared so far is common knowledge at this point.  But what most people don’t know is that more than a decade ago John Paul Jackson had a supernatural experience in which he was shown that “a storm of incredible force” would hit California, and that it would be a sign that precedes the colossal earthquake that permanently alters the geography of the state.  You can see video footage of John Paul Jackson describing what he was shown right here

If you live on the west coast, the video that you just watched should chill you to the core.  The following is a very rough transcript of John Paul Jackson’s remarks…


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“There is a an earthquake that has been predicted to devastate California. Meaning skyscrapers are going to fall that the shape of the United States will change after that earthquake. That won’t happen until after there’s a storm – a major storm is going to come to California. It’s either a hurricane of incredible force, or it is a storm of incredible force. But a great, great hurricane or incredible force is going to come to California, and the earthquake that destroys it will not happen until after that takes place. So there’s a way of saying, okay, I have time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be an earthquake tomorrow 7.5 you know, or next week or two weeks from now of some some magnitude. I’m talking about the one that changes the shape of California where you don’t want to live in California, anywhere in California, when that happens or perhaps even most of the west coast. Where an inland ocean is formed and Baja becomes an island and the mouth of the inland ocean forms between between San Diego and Los Angeles. That is not going happen before that that storm comes. That is a sign that God is giving to the people- don’t worry about that big one. Because this sign will happen first.”

For years, I wondered what a storm of this nature would look like.

Unfortunately, it appears that the type of storm that John Paul Jackson described has finally arrived

The hits keep coming to California as the state deals with an onslaught of atmospheric river storms that has brought torrential rain and life-threatening flooding, mudslides and debris flows to many parts of the state.

Widespread flooding was reported across California on Monday, with more than 300 reports of flooding coming into various National Weather Service offices across the state. While heavy rain drenched much of the Golden State, Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties were hit especially hard, with more than 15 inches of rain falling in higher elevations.

Needless to say, the atmospheric rivers that have been pummeling California are not hurricanes.

But CNN just posted an article that compares them to hurricanes…

NOAA’s hurricane hunters might be just as busy now as they were during hurricane season. However, it’s not hurricanes they are flying through, but the atmospheric river systems plaguing California since Christmas week.

Atmospheric rivers may not make headlines in the same way hurricanes do, but they can have extreme consequences.

“Atmospheric rivers can span the whole Pacific. They are long and narrow, but they’re way larger than hurricanes,” Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Coordinator Anna Wilson said.

It is interesting to note that at a time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been seeking more attention than ever, the town in California where they live has been getting hit particularly hard

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