The Warning Christians Critically Need: Bethel, New Age, and the New Apostolic Reformation (Video)

The Warning Christians Critically Need: Bethel, New Age, and the New Apostolic Reformation Video

GNN Note – If you have followed GNN for while then you know we did publish Bethel, Pastor Bill Johnson, for some time. We stopped publishing Bill Johnson, along with a great many other high profile Pastors, all for the same reason. Their teaching is more in line with the apostasy than Jesus Christ whole teachings. Sin is a massive part of the story. If a Pastor ignores sin as part of their teaching, they are not teaching healing, redemption and salvation. One manifest from the other. / END

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a popular and fast-growing new movement of Christians who emphasize signs and wonders and teach that God is giving a new revelation through new apostles and prophets. But is this biblical Christianity? This stuff used to be fringe. Now it’s probably in your church in some way. Why is this dangerous, and how can you spot it? I talk with Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett, the authors of Counterfeit Kingdom, about this concerning movement.
03:16- What is the NAR?
08:29- Is the NAR similar to Word of Faith?
10:39- What is Doug and Holly’s opinion of all these supernatural stories coming out of Bethel?
15:39- Ambiguous prophecies, wake up Olive, and prayer declarations.
20:55- We’re critical of NAR, does that mean we don’t believe God works miracles?
23:03- What is the implication if someone doesn’t receive their miracle or healing?
26:31- Thoughts on Redeeming the New Age- Is there an authentic version for every counterfeit?
31:43- What is the 5-Fold Ministry and 7-Mountain Mandate?
37:57- How NAR deals with critics- are we just being meanies?
44:19- Why the Passion Translation belongs in your garbage.
47:52- Is this a false gospel? Are these false teachers?
57:41- About the popular music in the NAR.

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