SEERS Pandemic Coming In 2025

SEERS Pandemic Coming In 2025 By Krishna Chandrasekaran for Natural Blaze

After enduring two years of worldwide dictatorship in the name of the man-made and phony COVID-19 pandemic, whereby even Western nations totally & absolutely violated the rights and liberties of the people, another phony and contrived pandemic is on the long-term horizon, namely the SEERS Pandemic coming in 2025. For the rest of this essay, the word plandemic shall be used to not only describe COVID-19, but to especially signify that contrary to the mainstream media and the vast majority of elected officials, including unelected health bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, the COVID-19 virus was not deadly enough to be rightfully categorized as a genuine pandemic. Another way of thinking about the word plandemic is essentially a false pandemic, seeing how COVID-19, despite being declared a pandemic, failed to significantly reduce the world’s population in two plus years after its initial arrival; a truly deadly pandemic, like the Black Plague, to which many have wrongly compared COVID-19, should indeed severely reduce the global population.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 Plandemic was a psy-op, using the COVID-19 virus and promoting public health as the deceptive Trojan Horse to convince the people of all nations to surrender their rights and liberties and accept living under a dictatorship with perpetual tyrannical emergency powers and measures, like lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and then of course vaccine mandates, most severely and worst of all. Seeing how successful the leaders of all nations throughout the world were in suddenly become dictators through the use of illegitimate emergency powers, wrongly justified by the illegitimate COVID-19 emergency plandemic, in addition to how little to almost zero resistance the general public put up to these dictatorships across even the Western world that emerged seemingly out of the blue, will there be another man-made pandemic?

The forecast of this post is that yes there will be, and it will be called the SEERS Pandemic, which Bill Gates and the World Health Organization(WHO), two of the key figures in orchestrating the COVID-19 Plandemic, are projecting and planning to unleash on the world in 2025. Along with that unleashing will be the next round of liberty-violating measures like the lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates wrought forth from the COVID-19 Plandemic.

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In this video by YouTube Channel Redacted, the hosts explain that Bill Gates and the WHO have run a “tabletop” simulation in Belgium about the next plandemic, meaning SEERS. Hopefully YouTube doesn’t remove that video, but especially on that note, watch it before it’s censored!

It is critical to remember that in preparation for the COVID-19 plandemic, the WHO, Gates, and other wealthy politicians and professionals also ran a simulation on how to implement all the tyrannical measures that came to pass, mainly lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates, after the initiation of the COVID-19 plandemic; the COVID-19 plandemic simulation is called Event 201. Event 201, as the link in the previous sentence explains, is the proof that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned, hence the term plandemic, to fool the people into permitting their liberties and rights to be suppressed, even, and especially, in Western nations. As Redacted also explains, the SEERS virus is an enterovirus, like Polio, and unlike COVID-19, which is a corona virus. As such, Redacted believes, and rightfully so, that the SEERS psy-op will very likely promote the narrative that the SEERS enterovirus is deadly to kids, distinguishing itself from COVID-19 corona virus.

Therefore, the SEERS psy-op will target children to exploit people’s emotional vulnerabilities to convince people to submit to new tyrannical measures in the false name of saving the children. It is also quite likely that the perpetrators of the SEERS psy-op(Gates, WHO, et. al) will collude with the mainstream media to both deceptively scare people into submitting to the SEERS psy-op to save children and then to gaslight dissidents as heartless fanatics who don’t care about the well-being of children, when the truth is quite the opposite. This type of gaslighting was used ad nauseam during the COVID-19 plandemic, and rather successfully, unfortunately.

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