I’m willing to bet anyone in the world $1M that the COVID vaccines have increased all-cause mortality in the US. Any takers?

I’m willing to bet anyone in the world $1M that the COVID vaccines have increased all-cause mortality in the US. Any takers? by Steve Kirsch for Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter – SubStack

If the vaccine is so safe, why won’t anyone in the world bet against me? Not even the drug companies will stand behind their product. You should be worried. Very worried.

I’m tired of hearing doctors say that the evidence clearly shows that the COVID vaccine benefits outweigh the risks in the US.

This is simply not true. It’s not even a close call.

I’m willing to bet anyone $1M that I’m right.

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Do any of the pro-vax doctors in America actually believe their own advice? Or is it all “Big hat, no cattle?”

I believe a human life is worth more than $1M. So how can doctors risk their patients’ lives when they clearly are not very confident at all that their own beliefs are correct?

My $500K bet with Saar Wilf

I’m about to enter into a $500K bet with Saar Wilf. He might raise his wager to $1M after the judges are selected.

We started negotiating the terms of the bet on Nov 17, 2022, and now we’re basically done with the term sheet. There were some points where I thought the negotiation would fall apart (around December 23), but I’m pleased to report that we’ve overcome all the issues and it’s been smooth sailing since then. There are a couple of minor details regarding the judges we’ll need to work out after the judges are selected and then we are good to go.

It’s a very fair term sheet where neither side has an advantage and the judging panel is completely neutral. This wasn’t easy to work out, but I think the result is a model that can be applied to resolve the answer to future questions of public interest. Heck, it may end up being our most important contribution to the world, you never know!

Why is everyone afraid to challenge me?

So we now have a situation where not a single person in the entire world is willing to bet me $1M that the COVID vaccines were a beneficial intervention. Not even the drug companies.

Saar may be the first and only person to hit the $1M threshold, but he hasn’t yet.

So the question remains:

If the vax is so safe, why isn’t anyone confident enough in their beliefs to actually back their statement by putting their (or someone else’s) capital at risk?

In other words, why isn’t anyone willing to put their money where their mouth is?

People can no longer use the “excuse” that I’m not serious about the bet, don’t have the money, or that I won’t negotiate in good faith. This term sheet is proof I’m serious.

Nor can anyone use the excuse that they don’t have the money. Pfizer or Moderna should be happy to sponsor a qualified challenger and put up the money. $1M is peanuts to them. And since the vaccine is so safe, it’s a sure thing; a no risk bet! And they’ll decrease vaccine hesitancy which means they’ll sell more products. If they really believe their product is effective, there is simply no reason they wouldn’t put up the capital.

Where is Bill Gates?

Why isn’t Bill Gates taking me up on my bet? He’s been promoting the deadly COVID shots since the beginning. Why isn’t he willing to put his money where his mouth is? Not worth his time? OK, he could easily find someone to challenge me.

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