Here Are the Concessions McCarthy Made to Take the Speaker’s Gavel

Here Are the Concessions McCarthy Made to Take the Speaker’s Gavel By Bryan Chai for Western Journal

It was the longest House speaker contest in 164 years, but at long last, Kevin McCarthy has possession of the gavel.

It was a wild, chaotic, and sometimes violent trek to get to this point, but McCarthy finally secured the 216 votes he needed on Friday night to officially be named speaker of the House and convene the 118th Congress. It only took 15 votes to secure his new role.

So, how did he do it?

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By channeling former President Donald Trump’s “art of the deal.”

As multiple outlets have reported, including CNN and The Hill, McCarthy had to offer a number of concessions to the hard-line conservatives who were refusing to give him the necessary number of votes to be elected speaker.

Perhaps the most shocking concession McCarthy made was one that puts his seat in the most peril.

“Any member can call for a motion to vacate the speaker’s chair — this is significant because it would make it much easier than it is currently to trigger what is effectively a no confidence vote in the speaker. Conservatives pushed hard for this, while moderates are worried it will weaken McCarthy’s hand,” CNN stated.

The Hill claims that this is giving both Republicans and Democrats “heartburn” over concerns that it could weaken McCarthy’s power, while also creating a powerful leverage point.

“I think it’s a terrible decision,” Republican Rep. Don Bacon told The Hill.

“If one person can push a motion to vacate, we’ll do this again. How would you like to do this every week?” Bacon added.

Did McCarthy shoot himself in the foot with that concession? Perhaps. However, many of the other reported concessions seem like relative no-brainers.

One concession given is that any efforts to raise the nation’s debt ceiling must be accompanied by spending cuts.

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