‘Noah’s Ark: The New Evidence’ Examines New Scans and Evidence of the Ark’s Location

‘Noah’s Ark: The New Evidence’ Examines New Scans and Evidence of the Ark’s Location by James Lasher for Charisma News

As technology continues to advance, new instruments and scanning materials have become available for archeologists around the world.

Being one of the most sought-after sites of antiquity, Noah’s ark is a prize that any adventurer would love to officially uncover.

Nestled in the hills of the Ararat mountains, the Durupinar site boasts a distinguishable boat-shaped formation that defies logic and matches the dimensions of Noah’s ark listed in the Bible.

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In the new movie “Noah’s Ark: The New Evidence,” Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell, breaks down the clues, signs, messages, history and science behind the possibility of this being the true site of the ark.

Being the most recognized site of the possible ark, the Durupinar site in Turkey is the closest humanity has been to discovering the ark.

After being discovered by Turkish pilots, the Durupinar site garnered worldwide attention, and is still the most searched area for the definitive proof of the ark’s existence beneath the surface of the earth.

“It should be noted that the Turkish government officially recognizes the Durupinar site as being Noah’s Ark,” Smith explained.

Using modern technology, Smith analyzes the scanned material and shows how this site could be the lost ark. And if not, what other parts of the region may yield the legendary ark.

Utilizing the scientific method mixed with Scripture, Smith studies these scans, sites and historic text in conjunction with the Word of God as it was intended: to increase human knowledge of the world we live in.

With underground scans giving never before seen images of where the hull of the ark could potentially be, “Noah’s Ark: The New Evidence” reveals facts, images and scenarios that were previously impossible due to technological limitations.

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