Is Bryan Kohberger A Metaphor For What Is Happening To Our Society As A Whole?

Is Bryan Kohberger A Metaphor For What Is Happening To Our Society As A Whole? by  for End Of The American Dream

One homicidal lunatic has been caught, but there are countless other homicidal lunatics that are still roaming our streets.  28-year-old Bryan Kohberger has been charged with murdering Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin in the early morning hours of November 13th.  The murders were truly horrifying, and for weeks there was a tremendous amount of concern that the murderer would strike again.  Now the mystery is finally over, but the truth is that Bryan Kohberger is not an isolated case.  There are hordes of others just like him, and I believe that he is a metaphor for what is happening to our society as a whole.

Before any of this happened, at first glance you may have been tempted to think that Bryan Kohberger was just a regular guy.

But his eyes tell the real story.

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When you look into his eyes you can quickly tell that something is just not right.

I have read several news stories that stress how “intelligent” Kohberger is, but just because someone is “intelligent” does not mean that they are sane.

And in the aftermath of his arrest in Pennsylvania, Kohberger made it exceedingly clear that he is not sane at all

Suspected Idaho murderer Bryan Kohberger spends his days ranting and singing lyrics from violent rap songs inside the Pennsylvania jail where he is being held.

And several times the man accused of killing four University of Idaho students tried to expose himself to a female inmate who was held in a cell close to him.

Apparently he was screaming lyrics from songs by Lil Wayne and Bad Bunny while in his prison cell, and that means that he has those songs memorized.

Like so many other young Americans, Kohberger has had his mind poisoned by all of the “entertainment” that he has been absorbing over the years.

When you put garbage in, you are going to get garbage out.

And after absorbing thousands upon thousands of hours of pure mental garbage, it is inevitable that many of our young people are going to lash out in violent and unpredictable ways.

One inmate told the Daily Mail that the prison guards were incredibly scared of Kohberger because he just kept screaming violent threats at them…

Now that inmate, 50-year-old Valerie Cipollina, has revealed exclusively to how Kohberger taunted guards, saying they were too scared to go in his cell.

‘I cut them, I’ll cut you,’ Kohberger yelled repeatedly, said Cipollina, who was held at the Monroe County Jail for six hours on a New Year’s domestic violence charge.

‘You come in here and I’ll cut you,’ Kohberger allegedly yelled at one guard. ‘I’m going to pee on your face. Do what you want with me, I don’t give a s**t.’

If he had been raised and educated in a completely different environment, Kohberger may have turned out very differently.

Unfortunately, he was raised and educated in the United States at at time in history when the social fabric of our society is coming apart all around us.

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