Can You Go to Heaven If You’re Not A Christian? (Video)

Can You Go to Heaven If You’re Not A Christian? Video by A New Nation

During this live stream, Voice addressed questions regarding non-Christians, and their position in God’s Kingdom. Below are links to the two videos referenced in the live stream, followed by the time stamps.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life:

0:59 Qualities God looks for: faith, love, sincerity.
4:26 The do-nothing gospel is not enough.
6:24 The synoptic gospels.
7:22 If sincerity is enough, why evangelise?
10:00 What is the gospel?
11:57 Can we be certain that any one person is going to heaven?
14:25 What saved the thief on the cross?
16:10 Will heaven mostly be made of of non-christians?
17:40 The Good Samaritan.
19:28 “Jesus, the only Way to God.” What does that mean?
23:25 Are there non-Christians who are more like Christ than Jesus Christians?
25:35 Dying for love vs dying at war.
26:15 The “great multitude” who turn to God during the Tribulation.
27:48 Acting like a “true Christian”.
29:26 St. Paul on “running the race”.
30:26 Maybe Jesus did NOT die for your sins.
32:14 St. Peter: “Anyone who fears God can be saved.”
33:33 Is it good enough to accept Jesus as a prophet?
35:15 More extreme exceptions: atheists, etc.
37:03 Shouldn’t sincere idolaters forsake idols without hearing about Christianity?
39:48 Are we forgiven now, or after Jesus returns?
42:00 St. John “Anyone who loves is born of God.” (But how MUCH love is ‘enough’?)
44:57 “Walking in the light that we have.”
46:11 “Ex-Christians” who have lost their faith in Christ… arguably the most hopeless people on Earth.
47:46 Are LGBT people hateful because of a guilty conscience?
48:54 Curiosity and skepticism in the search for Truth.
50:44 Are Quakers sincere?
52:01 Are there sincere Muslims?
53:59 Is ‘heaven’ material or just spiritual?
58:15 Hypothetical question about Paul’s sincerity.
1:00:04 Sincerity illustration.

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