The Disastrous Events of the year 2022 Will Plague Us for as Long as We Exist

The Disastrous Events of the year 2022 Will Plague Us for as Long as We Exist

Paul Craig Roberts

2022  planted the seeds for tyranny and death.  My analysis today will focus on only four of the many terrible events of 2022.

One is the FBI raid on President Trump’s home.

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One is the second stolen national election.

One is the war against Russia that is leading to Armageddon.

One is the deception about the effectiveness and safety of the Covid mRNA “vaccine.”

The unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home revealed the Gestapo State that has replaced American Democracy.  Few comprehend the threat that the raid reveals. First there is the disrespect shown a recent President of the United States who clearly has far more public support than any president since Ronald Reagan.  If a President of the United States can be treated in such a high-handed way, what prospect do the rest of us have?

The raid was not only beyond the pale, it was gratuitous in its justification. The FBI had access to the documents and had gone through them previously.  The documents were not being withheld from inspection. The story planted in the presstitute media that Trump left the documents lying around in Mar-a-Largo for Russian spies on his staff to photo is absurd. Trump has Secret Service protection, and the agents would certainly notice any top secret documents lying around on the furniture.  If Russian agents had penetrated Trump’s household staff, the CIA would have warned him.  That media actually discussed this fabrication as if it were real reveals the incompetence and dishonesty of the media.

Normally, presidents and high government officials do not concern themselves with documents unless they are writing memoirs.  They don’t have time for documents.  Most of what is signed off on is from advice not from reading.  Presidential appointees and I assume presidents are entitled to copies of all documents that moved through their offices.  I would have needed a moving and storage service to deal with documents to which I was entitled during my time at the Treasury. I very much doubt Trump knows what documents are in the boxes.  I would have advised him not to take documents packed by others as anything could be planted on him.  All documents should have gone to a presidential library, which once set up was probably where the documents were headed.

The “raid” by a FBI SWAT team was an orchestrated political event.  In a political system where there is accountable government, the FBI director and the attorney general would have been fired for political use of a police agency.  The fact that they got away with it shows that the days of accountable government in the United States are past.

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