Fox News’ Pete Hegseth: As a Father, ‘The Only Thing That Matters Is Introducing’ My Kids ‘to Jesus Christ’

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth: As a Father, ‘The Only Thing That Matters Is Introducing’ My Kids ‘to Jesus Christ’ By  for Faith Wire

Pete Hegseth, anchor of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” is known for boldly sharing his perspective on myriad cultural and political issues. But that’s not what matters most to him.

Speaking recently with CBN’s Faithwire, the 42-year-old Hegseth said using his platform to share his Christian faith is the most valuable use of his time and resources — a realization sparked, in large part, by his role as a father.

“I’ve got a bunch of kids and you start to realize that the only thing that matters is introducing them to Jesus Christ,” he said. “You spend so much time teaching them how to dribble a basketball or to love America — and those are all great, but they’re utterly insufficient.”

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It’s that perspective that inspired Hegseth’s latest special, “The Life of Jesus.” Three parts of the four-part series are now streaming on Fox Nation, Fox News’ digital platform.

The Fox News anchor said he co-hosted the series with his hometown pastor, Chris Durkin, who leads Colts Neck Community Church in New Jersey, because he was “utterly insufficient to tell the story myself.”

In the series, Durkin and Hegseth chronicle some of the most significant stories from Scripture, retracing the steps of Jesus in the Holy Land, matching the biblical accounts to the real-life locations in which they likely happened.

“It’s a passion of mine to remind — first and foremost — myself, my family but, writ large, our culture of the reason for the season,” Hegseth said. “Underneath all of that pageantry [of the holidays] is the truth, and the birth of a baby in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, and the life that Jesus, fully God and fully man, lived.”

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